Ruby I

Yakut I
Ruby I
140,5 x 110 cm
acrylic and oil paint on canvas
© Görkem Dikel


In ‘Gemstone’ Series Görkem Dikel refers to facts like the power that waits to be revealed, the potential that waits to be accomplished and a gem which is about to enlighten the world with its light.
Those series focus on how a natural rock formed by metamorphosis of million years old rocks and plants turns out to have such an attractive form thanks to humans’ notion of aesthetics and crafts.
This serie in which the gems like diamond, ruby, emerald were abtsracted in tectonical compositions with dynamic and pop artistic language, aims to remind us the source of creativity and eternal energy which is waiting to be unraveled. Hence the diamond, with its potential to increase the volume of absorbed light is an absolute alegory of creative power of both nature and human.
The painting language of the artist aims to contribute a positive existence to the void, unlike before, which was always perceived as a negative – empty element, especially by sculptors.
 ‘Gemstone’ Series met Parisian audience on 5th Dec ’19 at Espace Marais-Marais, in district Marais which is the heart of contemporary art. Amongst her admirers there was Thierry Chavenon, the art director of some Luc Besson and Win Wenders movies and Romanian artist Daniela Codita Muhr which worked in Centre Pompidou.